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Debbie Young


Debbie Young recently graduated (2016) from The Royal Academy of Art, The Hague. Since graduation she has won the contemporary painting prize in The Netherlands (The Piket Kunst Prijzen –, as well as organising/exposing work at many exhibitions internationally. Her work tends to be expressive sculptural paintings/installations comprising of many different materials with the conceptual preference slanting toward Psychology and other aspects of the human condition (having completed a Bsc in Psychology previous to the BA). Young’s work has an absurd sense of black humour in every project, stemming from the absurdity of daily human observations and endeavors.

As a co-founder of the SID YOUNG artist initiative (with Russian artist Katerina Sidorova) the aim is to focus on artists at the beginning of their careers, allowing their talents to be displayed with the freedom of unbridled creativity. By inviting international and local artists alike, we aim to keep the bridge between Glasgow and the global art scene. With each project there is a concept based on a fictional narrative in order to allow a broad spectrum of possibilities within the exhibition.

Young always welcomes new potential projects and collaborations, commission work and freelance – so do not hesitate to contact.


Debbie Young

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