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Gordon Davidson


A creative thinker and highly energetic artist, Gordon is constantly looking at the world in different ways, exploring ideas from a wide range of sources, combining historical sources, with images collated from his travels, including the images appearing on New York’s street furniture to create ‘layers of life’. This is then mirrored through the flows and movements within his painterly process. He also explores the new images and understandings opened up by science, both at micro and macro levels, for example, examining enzymatic catalysis and mutagenesis, following on from conversations with a leading Professor of Theoretical and Computational Biochemistry at Porto University.

Fascinated by the creative process he continually explores the subliminal workings of the mind as part of the creative journey and the balance between intended outcomes and the unplanned, random occurrences.

His most recent works, painted directly onto aluminium now forms a centrepiece of his creative experience. Gordon uses aluminium because of its contemporary nature and the natural fit with contemporary living and work spaces. Gordon also relishes working on a large scale, where the sheer physicality in producing some of his larger pieces represents further sets of challenges.

His highly experimental, energetic, and liberating approach, combined with rigorous self-critical analysis of the painting as it emerges over time results in varying degrees of abstraction, some leading to key, radical breakthrough works. The outcomes also contain the subtle forms, shapes, images and imaginings that invite the viewer to go on their own personal journey of exploration.

Gordon now divides his time between Edinburgh, and Marrakech.

Recent Example Achievements :

•Work featured in the 2016 and 2017 collection of the international design house, Minotti

•Exhibition : Marrakech Biennale 2016, 24th February – 8th May

•Exhibition : Albemarle Gallery, Mayfair, London – 7th January to 13th February

•Continues to work with leading art consultant Katherine Maginnis to provide series of artworks for private residences and corporate clients in London and the South East, and throughout Europe

•Recently provided a series of artworks for major development project for one of the largest developers in New York, the Red Apple Group

•Exhibited in New York – April 2015