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Gordon Dickson


We believe that artists should be valued as the root of creativity in our communities and in wider society.

Value starts with recognition of artists as creative and highly trained individuals whose skills and experience underpin ALL arts programmes, organisations, infrastructures and activities.

We demand the artist has a right to a decent living wage, comparable to other well-trained and educated professionals.

We value the artist’s role within all sectors of society, and is of the opinion that Scotland should celebrate and support the immense creativity and vitality of artists.

We recognise the artist makes an invaluable and unacknowledged contribution to the Scottish economy, but that the true value of our cultural endeavours is intrinsic to society and cannot be quantified on on economic terms.

We know that it is the artists themselves who are the least acknowledged and least rewarded group in the Visual Arts Sector.

We campaign for arts funding to directly support the visual artist and arts activity rather than generate bureaucratic overload and competition.