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Judith Winter


Judith Winter is a curator and researcher who has worked both within and beyond the gallery context. She was inaugural curator for Middlesbrough Institute of Modern Art (MIMA), UK (2003 – 2007) and Head of Arts for Dundee Contemporary Arts (DCA), Scotland (2007 – 2011). Career highlights include: development of an international drawing collection for MIMA supported through the Contemporary Art Society (CAS); Martin Boyce’s exhibition No Reflections, commissioned by Scotland and Venice for the 53rd Venice Biennale and major solo exhibitions by Thomas Hirschhorn (Switzerland), Camilla Løw (Norway), Johanna Billing (Sweden), Matthew Buckingham (US); Manfred Pernice (Germany). Since 2013 she has been working as part of a research initiative ‘Knowing from the Inside’, University of Aberdeen that explores the conjunctions between art and anthropology. She is undertaking PhD research supervised by Prof Tim Ingold that focuses on Bauhaus experiential ethos and how it influenced the foundations of art and design education across the globe. As an independent curator she is exploring new models of working that are sensitive to local and global contexts, to process and the ephemeral qualities of works-in-progress, and to the ways in which the public realm can become a location for artistic investigation.


Judith Winter

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