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Michele Marcoux


How does the trace memory of one thing flow into another and form the path that we follow? In an age of visual and material overload, how do we invent ourselves, and our histories? I am interested in how we use material culture (our STUFF) to try to find fixity and permanence in our lives. My visual art practice which attempts to map these non-linear narratives, occupies a boundary between painting, sculpture and installation.

Originally from the Midwest of the United States I have lived in Scotland since the 90’s and am now a UK citizen. As a transplant I have found delight but also intense confusion in adapting to my new country. Viewing the past, which literally for me is another country, I, like many migrants, have a tendency to nostalgic – even sentimental – interpretations. Something my creative practice is a means to question and interrogate.

The past, our history, who we are, these are stories we tell ourselves.