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Myria Christophini


I am a Scottish and Cypriot animator, visual artist and researcher. My research is a practice-led investigation into creative communication avenues among people in conflict and is aiming to be a platform giving people a voice about issues such as mental health, loneliness or anxiety. As an interdisciplinary artist that embraces many media, I consider artistic communication and my message as my ultimate goal and am flexible in its achievement.

I was educated in Fine Art at the Bauhaus University in Germany, where I specialized in drawing. I then went on to study at the University of the Creative Arts, where incorporated the animated element into my artistic practice. From there on, I travelled to Glasgow, where I was trained as an animator at the Glasgow School of Art. At the GSA I also completed a practice-led PhD in Creative Practices, Animation and Peace-building.

I am living in Glasgow and despite repeated effort I cannot speak with a Scottish accent. To view my artwork visit