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Myria Christophini


I am a Scottish and Cypriot experimental animator, illustrator visual artist and researcher. As a researcher, my work is a practice-led investigation into creative communication avenues among people in conflicting communities, via art and animation. My animation practice forms part of my research but I also maintain an independent research, art and illustration practice.

I was educated in Fine Art at the Bauhaus University in Germany, where I specialized in drawing. I then went on to study at the University of the Creative Arts, where incorporated the animated element into my artistic practice. From there on, I travelled to Glasgow, where I was trained as an animator at the Glasgow School of Art. At the GSA I also completed a practice-led PhD in Creative Practices, Animation and Peace-building.

I am an interdisciplinary artist that embraces many media, and I consider artistic communication as my ultimate goal and am flexible in its achievement. As a graduate of the Bauhaus, I have had a very broad artistic education. Even though I have acted in different academic and commercial roles with clear confinements, I do not believe in strict discipline restrictions. Instead, always fluid and playful, I lend and borrow elements in my creations which are championing interdisciplinary. I constantly push myself to expend my artistic media and approaches. Love, conflict and peace, belonging and identity, are the subjects that prevail in my work. They are the subjects that are central to the human experience and also what brings my work together.

I am living in Glasgow and despite repeated effort I cannot speak with a Scottish accent.