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Outset Scotland


Outset Scotland’s community of supporters provide the funds to respond to what artists and curators really need – championing artistic ambition, enriching public collections, and expanding audiences across Scotland and beyond.

Our ethos is best expressed through our name: be there at the outset. We make timely and adventurous funding decisions, and drive development initiatives behind the scenes – harnessing the collective power of our supporters’ donations, and enhancing their strategic impact.

In bringing supporters into close contact with Scotland’s most remarkable artists and art professionals, we offer them experiences, insights and opportunities they won’t find anywhere else.

With its fresh approach to philanthropy, Outset has been helping artists to realise their visions since 2003 – Outset Scotland was established in the same spirit in 2013 with the support of four founding patrons and the National Lottery through Creative Scotland.


- Supporting the production of new works of art

- Gifting art works to Scotland’s public collections

- Funding exhibitions and events programmes

- Enabling professional development for artists and curators