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Semay Wu


Semay Wu is a cellist, composer and performance artist. Hailing from Liverpool, she was based in Manchester where she studied at the RNCM. She became heavily involved with bands such as Homelife, Mayming and The Earlies, and her career expanded towards recordings, improvisations, electronics, and all other kinds of performance practice, as well as composing for devised theatre and dance. Recently, she was living in Amsterdam/The Hague in The Netherlands for three years where she was able to spend time on a sabbatical funded by Katherine McGillivray’s Get a Life Fund, and then a two yr Masters in Music at the Institute of Sonology, and STEIM. Here, she began to research the notions within the fields of Gesture for the purposes of compositional techniques, developing a language of interactivity via sensors, instruments, projections and MaxMSP. Her interests lie somewhere in the Space and Place between articulations of gesture, the space/tension it holds, and the intentionality of the movement. Her research has also brought her closer to ideas based in choreography, set design and the social aspects through which improvisation may occur, with the question: ‘How do we place ourselves in our space?’

She also initiated (in The Hague, Netherlands) a ‘New Emergences’ lecture and discussion series based primarily on Gender issues and circumstances, in March 2016 and remains committed to the continuation of the series.

Having now finished her Masters, she continues her explorative work, basing herself in Falkirk, Scotland.

Semay Wu

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