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Artists’ Tuck Shop is an initiative supporting artists whose creative careers are often sidelined due to the commitments and requirements associated with balancing jobs in other sectors.

We do this by providing an active platform to sell artists’ work on their behalf, making more meaningful connections and engagements with audiences by bringing art to the public, and investing a percentage of profits into an art commissioning fund in order to commission artists to make new works.

Creative Scotland’s Visual Arts Sector Review in 20161 revealed that 42% of respondents (consisting of artists and art sector workers) worked in additional jobs outside of the visual arts to supplement their income. A third of these respondents work four days or more per week in their ‘other’ job.

We want to bring artists’ work back to the forefront of their attention and to help increase the time they are able to spend making work and help increase income generation through sales of work.

We seek to bring art to wider audiences!

Fully stocked with handmade art objects and homemade snacks, Artists’ Tuck Shop comes to you popping up at festivals, markets, events, exhibitions, offices – you name it!

And every time you buy something from our trolley you help financially support an artist’s career.

We stock:

Art – Small, affordable art objects lovingly made by our team of artists: David McDiarmid, Jon Nicolson, Stuart Noble, Emma Rogers and Rachel Rogers.

Food – A range of homemade snacks produced by our team of artists using responsibly sourced ingredients and packaged using recyclable and environmentally friendly materials.

When you buy from our trolley, we want you to know where your money goes.

For every artwork sale:

70% goes directly to the artist

20% is retained by Artists’ Tuck Shop to cover business overheads such as labour costs, transport, ingredients and stall/venue fees.

The remaining 10% is invested into a fund to commission editions of new art objects from our team members as well as occasional guest artists.

For every food sale:

90% of food sales go towards the business overheads.

The remaining 10% is invested into our art commission fund.

We’re also online!

Did you know we also have an online shop?

Now you can support Artists’ Tuck Shop without having to leave your house or wait for us to pop up at a venue near you!


Get In Touch!

If you’d like to enquire about Artists’ Tuck Shop popping up at your event, exhibition, workspace, festival or market, please get in touch!


[1] Creative Scotland. Creative Scotland Visual Arts Sector Review. Creative Scotland, Edinburgh/Glasgow, Oct 2016. Available from: 


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