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Yvonne Billimore


Yvonne Billimore is a creative practitioner currently working at the Scottish Sculpture Workshop in Aberdeenshire, where she develops and produces the SSW programme.

Working within a residency context and through various projects, she is interested in developmental and studio-based curation, as well as creating participatory frameworks.

Previously based in Dundee, she worked on the committee of artist-run space, Generator Projects and set up and ran the DSG Engagement Project, a creative support project in a homeless hostel.

She works across disciplines and connects with different groups, particularly with the aim to address social and environmental justice through collective and creative practices.

Yvonne has worked on a range of projects, from local community development projects in the rural village of Lumsden, to international collaborations such as Mesa Baldio/ Makers Meal Brazil where she worked alongside Nuno Sacramento to co-curate and produce a project with Mac Niterio, MACquinho and Favelas Observatory, in Rio de Janeiro.

Yvonne is currently SSW’s curatorial lead on finalising Frontiers in Retreat, a five-year EU partnership project that fosters multi-disciplinary dialogue on ecological questions. Frontiers in Retreat, has supported artist residencies and projects such as Brett Bloomʼs Camp Breakdown Break Down, Fernando Garcia Doryʼs INLAND Scotland, and Sylvia Grace Bordaʼs The Lumsden Biscuit project.