Carol Smith



Carol Smith


My art:

Enchantment acts as a powerful antidote to the anxieties of contemporary life.

When we spend time in nature, meditation or contemplation, something changes:
A cloud drifts silently on its own journey. A spider spins her web that sparkles in the sun. The burn gurgles its way over the rocks; never the same from one second to another. The first buds of spring burst open across the city, transforming what was grey and barren into a living sea of green.

The wonder of nature and contemplation of things bigger than ourselves stops the internal whirring of our rational brain and connects us back to the sensory world and our animal feelings. It brings peace, curiosity, a sense of magic. Inner dread is replaced by calm. We experience what it is to simply be. It frees us.

Through my art, I create space for contemplation and moments of wonder.

I’m influenced as much by the calm balance of Zen philosophy as by cutting edge science that allows us to peer beyond the visible to see the magic of the underlying structure of nature and the universe. What emerges is an abstract visual language that links the microscopic to the geological to the cosmic, and allows the viewer to engage their own imagination in their own moments of contemplation.

About me:
I have a background in business and R&D as well as being an artist.
My previous high-octane business life is one of the reasons I am interested in creating a space for contemplation through my art. I believe we all benefit from environments that allow us to connect with a sense of wonder. It feeds our souls, encourages curiosity and creativity and keeps the ego in its place.

I’m also using my business skills to help other artists find their own way to success in a way that is both authentic and financially sound. I am in the process of developing some modules and am looking for people to interview so that I can be sure the courses will address the real needs of artists. Please contact me if you are interested in being part of the research, or joining the course when its ready.

Mlitt Glasgow School of Art (Distinction) 2017
BA (hons) Open College of the Arts 2105
BSc (Cons) Chemical Engineering , University of Edinburgh 1987