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Jenny Salmean

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Programme and Communications Manager


Jenny Salmean is an artist and producer based in Aberdeenshire. She studied Intermedia Art at Edinburgh College of Art, graduating in 2014, and is currently Programme and Communications Manager at Scottish Sculpture Workshop.

From 2015– 2017, Jenny was a Committee Member at artist-led project Rhubaba, Edinburgh. During this time the committee produced projects including ‘You hardboiled I softboiled’ (2017), a long-term polyvocal correspondence and investigation into love, how it may be practiced and appropriated across digital and physical distance and terrain. Over this period, she also worked at Inverleith House, Edinburgh, as an Exhibitions Officer.

Before moving to Aberdeenshire in 2018, Jenny worked at WHALE Arts as a Receptionist. This role informed her ongoing interest in the civic role of arts organisations, and belief in the possibility of arts administration in dismantling oppressive systems, structures and policy.




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Scottish Sculpture Workshop