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Artists in the Gig Economy - Call for Participants

How does the Gig Economy shape the Creative Economy in Edinburgh? From Airbnb’d spares rooms to second shifts working for Deliveroo, to what extent are artists and other creative producers implicated in this precarious new economy?

This research project aims to understand how the rise of the “platform” or “gig” economy (Airbnb, Uber, Deliveroo etc.) is impacting creative practitioners in and around Edinburgh. Whilst some attention has been paid to how the platform economy has disrupted sectors of the global economy such as accommodation, transportation, domestic labour, and on-demand professional services, little is known of its effects (whether positive or negative) on art and culture. This project seeks to address this oversight and provide crucial evidence regarding creative practitioners’ experiences of the platform economy.

To contribute your own lived experience of the impact of Airbnb, Uber, Deliveroo etc. on your practice as an artist or creative producer living or working in Edinburgh please complete this very short survey

For further information on the project, please contact lead researcher Harry Weeks via [email protected]

This project is supported by alumni and friends of the University of Edinburgh through an Innovation Initiative Grant, and by SCAN

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Date: 11 July 2018

Artists in the Gig Economy - Call for Participants