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Culture Action Europe's appeal for the European Elections 2014

Europe is a cultural peace project, not just a form of government!

The next European elections in May 2014 will be critical and should be prepared for well in advance to ensure that culture is included in the political agenda and encourage the election of competent and dedicated representatives at the European Parliament.

We call on all citizens and in particular on our members, cultural operators, artists, thinkers and activists to take action and influence the political agenda at an early stage instead of just reacting to the parties’ and candidates’ programmes or statements. Therefore we ask you to be as pro-active as possible before the official kick-off of the campaign around February 2014 in your country.

The overall goal is to do as much as possible to include culture as a necessity for sustainable development in the debate targeted to the general public. We also aim to build honest relationships with future MEPs and encourage them to include culture in their personal priorities.

Please read & share the CAE manifesto attached and click on ‘further reading’ below to access a toolkit for more information on how to get involved.


European Elections Toolkit

Date: 29 January 2014

Culture Action Europe's appeal for the European Elections 2014