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Curatorial Studio 2017 Participant announcement

SCAN is delighted to announce the participants of Curatorial Studio 2017, a unique peer-led programme for curators in the early stages of their practice, working in varied contexts across Scotland. Curatorial studio is devised by Kirsteen Macdonald together with some of the curators from last year’s programme.

We’ll be sharing more information about our participants and the programme in the coming months, but for now here’s a brief introduction.

Peter Amoore is an artist and curator who currently works as curatorial assistant at Cooper Gallery, Dundee.

Yvonne Billimore is a creative practitioner working at the Scottish Sculpture Workshop in Aberdeenshire where she develops and produces the organisation’s programme.

Ben Callaghan is a curator and producer who is currently a committee member for Rhubaba Gallery and Studios.

Camila Crosta is a curator based in the north of Scotland.

Nikki Kane is a Glasgow-based curator and artist who is currently curator in residence at House for an Art Lover 2017.

Mairi Lafferty is an artist and producer currently working as curator of engagement as Scottish National Gallery of Mode Art.

John McDougall is a curator and photographic artist based in Glasgow.

Anastasia Philimonos is an art historian and curator based in Edinburgh, where she has been an associate producer at Collective.

Posted by: Susan Mc Ateer

Date: 25 April 2017

Curatorial Studio 2017 Participant announcement