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Exhibition at the 201 Telephone Box Gallery

For people that live in the local area and can include their visit in their daily exercise.
During these unprecedented times the 201 Telephone Box Gallery acts as a static boat on the sea of uncertainty. And, in hope that we are going to reach the shores of ‘new normal’ soon, it continues to show art.
Artworks by two artists who accepted the gallery curator’s invitation to create works in response to the quarantine we are now living in due to COVID-19 pandemics are currently on display.
Chelsea Ferguson’s artwork ‘QuaranQueen’ depicts the emotions produced by a life with added restrictions.
Mat Dugard’s artwork ‘Life on the inside’ is a reflection on self-isolation while balancing the madness of the outside world with the routines of family life.
Both artists live in Perth and graduated from the BA (Hons) Contemporary Art & Contextualised Practice course at the University of the Highlands and Islands in 2018.

The way this exhibition came together resonates with the curatorial framework of the 201 Telephone Box Gallery – communication. Vivid communication between the artists and curator bore fruit: artworks were sent to the curator by email, then printed out and displayed according to artists’ instructions. Walking to the gallery to install this exhibition forms the curator’s permitted daily exercise.

The artworks are visible through the glass walls and there is no need to open the telephone box door. If you choose to open the door, please wash your hands.

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Posted by: Lada Wilson

Date: 21 April 2020

Exhibition at the 201 Telephone Box Gallery