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Featured Artist: Andrea McIlhatton Cardow - Paper Dolls

Featured Artist:
Andrea McIlhatton Cardow – Paper Dolls
Glasgow Print Studio Ground Floor Gallery
Exhibition runs: 07 – 30 June 2019
Preview: Thursday 06 June 2019, 6pm – 8pm

This series of screenprints by Andrea McIlhatton Cardow began with exploring visual representations of women through digitally manipulating tiny black & white found images.

Interacting with music while working on the images is very much part of the process; the tracks merge with the images as the ideas develop. Pre-punk playlists were particularly inspirational especially The Nerves track Paper Dolls, which played as Cardow moved figures around exploring concepts and representations of women and printing them onto paper, playing with ‘paper dolls’.

The title Paper Dolls conceptualises a blasé attitude to women as commodity as explored in some of the images but also contains a fun element: much of the work is about women enjoying being women.

“I focused on progressing the work into a series with the vibrancy and energy of the music that influenced me. With some of the prints, by upping the scale quite significantly from the tiny found images that were the source material, I could create a zoomed-in, anarchic and psychedelic view, pushing the viewer close to the subject and in that way it gave the image power. Through truncating the figures, I could give the bigger images a static and sculptural quality, which can be disconcerting in that, what you see, are torsos, decapitated, limbless but the images retain beauty.” For Cardow, this fits with some of the concepts of the uncomfortable ways in which women can be portrayed and the need to address this, moving away from depictions of the female form as commodity.

The series explores contradictions in representations of women, depicting female confidence, beauty, exposure, manipulation…and is ongoing.

Andrea McIlhatton Cardow is a Glasgow based artist who works predominantly in screenprints. Her work focuses on solitary figures, often female. The images she creates convey sensations of beauty, stillness, silence and isolation, capturing a hidden depth within the subject.

She takes inspiration from post-punk music, 70s Germany and French psychedelic pop combining this with classic film noir and 1920s Hollywood.

Posted by: Naomi Brown, Glasgow print Studio

Date: 31 May 2019

Featured Artist: Andrea McIlhatton Cardow - Paper Dolls