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SCAN responds to the Culture Committee report on Arts Funding, 'Putting Artists in the Picture'

The Scottish Parliament’s Culture Committee called yesterday for an urgent overhaul of Scotland’s arts funding system.

The Scottish Parliament’s Culture, Tourism, Europe and External Affairs (CTEEA) Committee published the results of its inquiry into arts funding on Tuesday morning in the report, ‘Putting Artists In The Picture: A Sustainable Arts Funding System For Scotland’.

Key recommendations include:

• A baseline target for national arts funding, on a cross-portfolio basis, above 1% of the Scottish Government’s overall budget

• Fair pay for artists with a more robust approach required from Creative Scotland to address this issue

• A new indicator within the National Performance Framework to monitor the number of self-employed artists and cultural freelancers who are paid a fair wage

• Inclusion of artists and cultural freelancers in ongoing feasibility studies for a basic citizens’ income

• Changes to ensure that individual artists are not competing against network organisations for funding from Creative Scotland.

• Changes to the way Creative Scotland allocates funding, including peer review, a tiered application process and funding programmes, such as bursaries and stipends, aimed at supporting artists and arts organisations at different stages of their development.

• Possible avenues of additional funding that could be leveraged to address external challenges to the Scottish Government budget, such as a percentage for the arts scheme.

• A new policy framework, such as an Arts Act, that would require local authorities to plan for culture and to take account of local and national priorities in doing so.

• The re-establishment of a programme of funding for regionally-based arts officers in local authority areas where Creative Scotland’s investment is significantly below the Scottish average.

• A refreshed approach for maintaining cultural venues across all parts of Scotland, supported by a clear funding approach.

• A new, strategic approach to funding national institutions


Read SCAN's full response here

Date: 11 December 2019