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Scotlands Workshops launches new website and #WorkshopsWeek

Scotland’s Workshops is a network of 11 visual arts production facilities all across the country. These workshop spaces give both artists and the public access to an amazing array of equipment, studio spaces and unique technical expertise to create and learn about art.

The facilities that make up the Scotland’s Workshops network are as follows:
Scottish Sculpture Workshop
Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop
Glasgow Sculpture Studios
Highland Print Studio
Peacock Visual Arts
Dundee Contemporary Arts
Edinburgh Printmakers
Glasgow Print Studio
Street Level Photoworks
North Lands Creative

Each of these organisations support hundreds of artists and members of the public each week to learn and make creative projects. Works made by artists in these workshops travels across the globe, earning Scotland it’s high profile reputation for contemporary visual art.

Between 16 – 23rd November 2019, all of these workshops will be part of Scotland’s first ever Workshops Week, an open workshop event which will encourage people to visit the spaces, see what’s on offer and celebrate the artwork that is created in each venue.

Workshops Week seeks to draw attention to the rich and diverse activity happening all year round which underpins contemporary art production in Scotland.
For full details of all venues and events visit

Don’t forget to share your experiences using #WorkshopsWeek


Workshop Week Events Listings

Date: 15 November 2019

Scotlands Workshops launches new website and #WorkshopsWeek