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Stoop, Stoop, Stooping is Stoopid! Exhibition Now Open

Studio Pavilion at House for an Art Lover is excited to present a new collaborative project by Glasgow based artists Rachel Adams and Tessa Lynch in the gallery throughout the Summer. Taking as their focus Frances Gabe’s invention – the self-cleaning house, the pair have used this as a framework by which to look at laborious making techniques and connotations of domestic mess.

Both artists share an interest in elevating craft and household activity, often associated with women’s work in to the realm of art. Looking to George Bataille’s notion of l’informe or the formless and the Bloomsbury Groups impulsive wall paintings at Charleston House, as well as the interior rooms here on site in the House for an Art Lover they will bring concepts of mess and chaos of interior rooms into the clean space of the gallery.

The artists have been tangled in one another’s practices for a decade, but this is the first time they have worked together in an involved way. Rachel & Tessa have been working on site over the last couple of months with all the work developed collaboratively, with dual decision making and doing allowing for a new joint practice.

This exhibition and the associated programme is kindly supported by the Scottish Graduate School for Arts & Humanities, Arts & Humanities Research Council, Scottish Funding Council, WM Mann Foundation, Glasgow City Heritage Trust and the Eaton Trust.

Exhibition runs 13 July – 15 September 2019



Posted by: Studio Pavilion

Date: 13 July 2019

Stoop, Stoop, Stooping is Stoopid! Exhibition Now Open