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School of Sideways Sculpture: CUT UP by ALEXA HARE

21 September, 2017–1 February, 2018

Friday 2 Feb 2018 – 6 April 2018
1:00pm – 4:00pm
10 Weeks / 30 Hours
Number of places: 10
Prior experience required: none

School of Sideways Sculpture is based around the practices of some of Scotland’s best contemporary practitioners. The course allows you to develop ideas and test different creative approaches over a period of time with the support of the tutor and peer group. This term, School of Sideways Sculpture presents Cut-Up, led by artist Alexa Hare. The first five weeks of the course will focus on the technique known as cut-up and how it can be applied to existing text and visual imagery, to create new meanings.

What once seemed familiar can quickly become disturbing or comic or strangely beautiful. The group will work collaboratively at times and discussions will be documented in various ways; transcribed and edited later as ‘scripts’ to accompany collages made.

Each week will be themed:

Book Nexus will play performative games using large scale art books to create new visual arrangements. The juxtaposition of images can create new meaning to amuse, to surprise and to question. Discussions throughout will be documented for later editing.

Talking Book will develop collage making techniques, extracting imagery from books and creating a new library of books. Taking inspiration from the modified library books made by Joe Orton.

Talking Pictures will look at Tarot and how it can be used as a metaphor for looking art. Constructing a series of live tarot readings from marbled papers made by the group. These ‘readings’ will also be recorded for later editing.

Cutting Up the Cut-Up will use the the artistic device known as cut-up to create new meaning from existing recordings from the previous weeks’ sessions. Taking inspiration from Brion Gysin and William S.Burroughs and their collaborative works

Digital Ceramics using previous collage and text works, the group will create digital files to transfer on to ceramic tiles. These will then be put in the kiln and fired. This process will create a series of prototype tiles made by the group.

The second half of the course allows participants allotted studio time to develop work in a direction suitable for their own interests and aspirations with guidance from the tutor in a peer learning environment.

Included in the course price: Materials, use of tools and 17.5 hours of studio time to be used on Friday mornings during the second half of the course.

Alexa Hare is an artist based in Edinburgh. Using collage techniques such as cut up and digital/video mash ups, Alexa makes works drawn from images found in books, magazines and film. Performance, script writing and music also play a role throughout her practice. Alexa collaborates with artist Francesca Nobilucci – Yokollection is the name under which they work together. Alexa has also founded a gallery space within her flat, she was Co-director of Embassy Gallery 2010-12 and a member of the experimental pop band PET (KutuFolk Records)

School of Sideways Sculpture: CUT UP by ALEXA HARE