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Sculpture Adoption Scheme - Call for Artworks

14 January, 2019–25 February, 2019

Sculpture Placement Group are looking for artists making sculptural work to take part in the second phase of our Sculpture Adoption Scheme.

Sculpture Adoption Scheme was launched in 2018 and has so far placed 35 sculptures in new locations. These vary from colleges, charities, businesses, shops and schools. We match works with new homes, bringing the artist and organisation together to negotiate an adoption benefiting both parties, sometimes leading to future opportunities.

There is no payment for the artwork, and the ownership remains with the artist. The agreement states that the artist can take the work back when they like. The host organisation is asked to cover transport and install costs – often resulting in a nominal admin or install fee for the artist. If any work needs to be done to the sculpture, for example a plinth made, these costs will be covered by the adopter.

We are interested in finding new homes for sculptural artworks that currently are in storage, have no future plans to be shown or are facing an uncertain future – i.e. might be destroyed. This scheme will free up valuable space for the artist, prolong the life of the sculptures, and introduce new audiences – for the artist and contemporary sculpture in general.

Key Points:

At this point we only need details of the work. We do not offer storage
The artwork will only be moved when a host is found and an agreement made
We are not selling the work
We do try to ensure the artist is paid for any labour involved (not including initial admin)
The terms and duration of each adoption is bespoke, i.e. can be one year or open-ended
Whilst some organisations will pay for insurance, work is placed at the artists risk
There is no selection process, as the adoptive hosts choose which work they want to adopt
All sizes, styles and types of sculptural work will be accepted, so long as it is in the field of contemporary sculpture (i.e. not applied arts, crafts or commodities). We feel that these types of work have sufficient existing outlets for circulation
There has been overwhelming demand for works suitable for outdoors. This can include works that weren’t designed to be permanent but are durable or can be altered or reinforced to make durable. Additional labour can be covered by adopter where this is not prohibitively expensive

If you are interested in taking part in this scheme please fill out our online application form and upload images here:

Sculpture Adoption Scheme - Call for Artworks