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Take Me Somewhere: Performance Commission

30 July, 2020–31 August, 2020


Deadline: 31 Aug Midday
Application Form:
Summary: £4000 commission for presentation in Spring 2021
Contact Email: [email protected]

British Sign Language Call Out:

The times we are living in, both before and during the pandemic, have put into crisis ideas of connection, movement and proximity. What does this mean for live performance and the communities that form around them if we cannot be together in a room? What other forms of connection and presence are possible? How is international collaboration still possible? What creative possibilities have been opened up by these restrictions and what exciting forms can be developed? These are not new questions for performance makers, however, COVID19 has thrown them into even sharper focus.

In collaboration with the Festivals of The Future network we are excited to hold an open call to commission a Scotland-based artist to create a new performance work responding to the question “How can we be present in the absence?”. Each of the 5 partners in the network will commission artists to work independently to develop work in response to the question, with opportunities to share their practises and deepen their international connections. Festivals of the Future is a new network that assembles partners from across Europe to question and interrogate their models, collaborate and exchange. The network was launched in 2019 by Transform (England/UK) and this is its first iteration as a network. Festivals of the Future is comprised of core partners Take Me Somewhere (Scotland/UK), Parallèle (France), Short Theatre (Italy) and MIR (Greece). The project priorities collaboration and exchange between the partnership network and the wider festival community, online and in person as part of gatherings and retreats across Europe and beyond. Festivals of the Future enables the core partners to interrogate festival models of the future dependent on their interests, motivations and contexts. Enquiries that concern the network range from low carbon working, artist and community focused models, to alternative finance, co-creation and democratic leadership. Take Me Somewhere is Glasgow’s festival of contemporary international performance, providing a crucial support structure and platform for Scotland’s most vital artists, presented shoulder to shoulder with some of the world’s most cutting-edge contemporary performance makers. The festival’s 4th edition will take place in May – June 2021 and will feature inspirational live work alongside new interrogations into the possibilities of remote and digital performance.

What Are We Looking For?
We are looking for exciting proposals that creatively respond to the idea of being present in absence. We support artists working in live performance, however we see this commission as an opportunity to explore unique possibilities of performance making where presence is not physically possible. We are looking for some form of live encounter between artist and audience, however this encounter could take place digitally, via telephone, online, through writing, outdoors, or via another method. We encourage you to think of the unique creative possibilities of this time, what could only happen now?

Some questions you may wish to respond to are:
  • How are we connected even if we are not in the same space and geography?
  • How could we feel closer to someone far away?
  • How can presence be manifested if we can’t be physically in a place? What could that look and feel like?
Eligibility For an artist currently based in Scotland

An artist with a track record of working in performance for 2 years minimum

The Offer The commission is for £4000.

The project will have an outcome at Take Me Somewhere Festival in May 2021. Due to the flexibility within the brief we will work with you to design the most appropriate structure to best house your work. The commission is inclusive of a presentation fee, however there is a small budget for presentation costs such as venue hire, technical support and audience accessibility if required.

This project will be part of a cluster of 5 international works developed through the Festivals of The Future network responding to the brief. The projects will be featured on the Festivals of The Future website with exposure to the network’s international industry connections, and there will be opportunities to discuss the project with all of the partners.

International artistic connection and exchange are invaluable for the development of ideas and artistic practise, however faces the same challenges due to the pandemic. This project seeks to address this through hosting an online gathering for each of the commissioned artists to discuss their projects and share their practises with each other, with further opportunities for co-mentoring and process sharing if there is a particular shared interest between the artists. It is our hope this structure will be an opportunity for collective reflection, a communal exploration and a possibility to keep the dialogue going.

The deadline for applications is 12:00 midday on 31 August.

Take Me Somewhere: Performance Commission