#ArtUnlocks 2022 – Campaign Resources

Campaigns - 13 June 2022

On this page you’ll find

  • Information about what the #ArtUnlocks campaign is all about
  • A link to our visual toolkit
  • Key messaging
  • Social media assets
  • Information on what to do if you’re hosting an MSP
  • A draft letter to send to your MSPs
  • A link to our #ArtUnlocks campaign page


What’s going on? 

#ArtUnlocks is SCAN’s annual summer campaign to share the power of visual art with people across Scotland. This year we’re launching on 21 June.   

Our 2022 #ArtUnlocks campaign is about everyday changes. We want you to help us show the small but vital ways that art can transform everyday life. How it can enhance lives, enrich communities, give us new tools for thinking and doing.   

We’ll be inviting MSPs to visit SCAN members venues during parliament’s summer break (2 July – 4 September) to find out about the great work they’re doing.   

We’ve created a visual toolkit, as well as some advice on messaging and some templates for social media, to help our members spread the #ArtUnlocks message. We are a member-led organisation, and we rely on your support to bring our advocacy projects to life. We couldn’t do it without you!  

Visual toolkit 

Here you can find a visual toolkit including graphics for social media and web content. 

Key Messaging 

We know that our members include skilled marketing, communications, and social media workers. You know your audiences! And we’d love for you to support the campaign however you choose to. But here are some tips on messaging…  

This year, we want to focus on the power of small changes. At a time when people are still experiencing real hardship across Scotland, we want to emphasise the small but vital differences art can make to everyday life.  

In particular we’d like you to help us get across the following three key messages:  

  • Across Scotland, art and artists enhance lives and enrich communities.   
  • Art is part of everyday life but adds new meaning to everyday experience.   
  • Art gives people tools for thinking and doing in their own lives  

Social media assets 

We’d love for you to use the #ArtUnlocks hashtag in your posts this summer and encourage your audiences to use it as well.  

Here are some templates for social media posts, which can be adapted however you’d like…  

  • Twitter

[21 June] Today @sca_net launch their summer campaign #ArtUnlocks, encouraging people across Scotland to visit art venues and share their experiences using the #ArtUnlocks hashtag. Find out more at sca-net.org/project/art-unlocks  

Going to an art venue this summer? Use the #ArtUnlocks hashtag to share your experience. Find out more at sca-net.org/project/art-unlocks  

The @sca_net summer campaign #ArtUnlocks celebrates the power of art to enhance lives and enrich communities. Find out more at sca-net.org/project/art-unlocks  

For people all over Scotland, #ArtUnlocks new ways of experiencing the world. Visit a gallery or venue near you as part of the @sca_net summer campaign #ArtUnlocks  

  • Instagram

Art gives us new tools for thinking and doing. #ArtUnlocks  

What has art unlocked for you? #ArtUnlocks  

Art enhances lives and enriches communities. #ArtUnlocks 

Art adds value and meaning to everyday experience. #ArtUnlocks 

If you’re hosting an MSP visit… 

This year’s #ArtUnlocks campaign is about working with MSPs to help them notice the small but vital differences that art can make to lives and communities in the part of Scotland they represent.  

It’s easy to find out who your constituency MSP is and which MSPs represent your larger region. Just visit www.parliament.scot/msps and type in your postcode in the “Find MSPs by postcode” box.

We will support you on the day and work with you to share stories, photos, and videos. We’ll also help you to encourage MSPs share their own support for #ArtUnlocks on social media. 

On September 2, when parliamentary recess ends, that might also be a good date for some social media content, looking back on the day and the campaign. 

Draft MSP letter

If you are an arts organisation or artist looking to set up a visit from a local MSP, we have drafted a template letter that you can access here.  


You can find out more about the wider #ArtUnlocks campaign here, including information about SCAN member events happening across Scotland throughout the summer.


If you need help with any of this, don’t hesitate to contact our Communications and Campaigns Lead, [email protected]  or our Membership Lead, [email protected].

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