SCAN Survey: Initial response to survey on take-up of Cultural Organisations and Venues Recovery Fund

Covid-19 - 2 October 2020

SCAN ran a member survey during the week 28/09/20 – 02/10/20 on their take-up of Creative Scotland’s Cultural Organisations and Venues Recovery Fund.
Initial findings echo what we have heard already from our membership and wider sector; that the primary reason for not applying was around the criteria for immediate insolvency, but that the need for targeted support is still great. Our results show that the threat to sustainability and employment will come soon after the March 2021 cut-off for the COVR fund.

We know that organisations will be taking budgets to their boards at the end of this calendar year.

With an uncertain financial outlook, boards may be forced to make decisions on jobs by April 2021; the ‘second cliff-edge’ may come sooner than we think.

The survey also shows the extent to which visual art organisations have ‘juggled’ and done what they can to remain afloat to date. We know that this cannot last – but it does show that the contemporary visual community is innovative and agile. With the right support, these organisations will continue to play a role in sparking wider cultural and societal change.

Download (pdf 141.59 KB)