Our projects champion the contribution that art and artists make to society and develop the knowledge and skills of those working in the contemporary visual arts in Scotland. We support innovation, best practice and critical thinking.

We work in partnership to meet the needs of different communities across the country. SCAN projects range from introducing Scotland’s politicians to artists and organisations in their constituencies through our Art in Action campaign, to practical support for art professionals through our Mandate Go See Fund.

Read on for more information on individual projects.

  • Mandate Climate Action Fund

    The Mandate Go See Fund aims to help develop the knowledge and/or skills of a wide range of voices, in turn ensuring that diverse opinions are able to feed into policy developments in Scotland and across the UK.

  • SCAN Sparks

    Our SCAN Sparks programme explores ways in which the cultural community can support grassroots activism and equalities-focused working.

  • Curatorial Leadership in Collections

    Our Curatorial leadership in Collections project supports a network of contemporary art curators from collections across Scotland and shares learning with the wider museums sector.

  • Taisbean/Curators North

    Contemporary Art helps open minds, drive new ideas and imagine the future in communities from the Isle of Skye to urban Inverness.

  • #ArtUnlocks

    The Art in Action campaign champions the valuable role visual art plays within communities across Scotland and calls for stronger recognition of this in decision-making.