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This new initiative from SCAN and Engage Scotland aims to support and encourage new voices and leadership from within our networks whilst developing the skills and confidence of sector professionals. The scheme aims to ensure that a diversity of opinions and experiences can feed into policy developments in Scotland and across the UK and support the joint advocacy actions that we undertake to drive forward the Visual Arts Manifesto.

We are aware that attending events can sometimes be intimidating so we are trialling a buddy system whereby we may select two applicants to attend key events together.

We will support attendance at events that focus on exploring policy and practice within the visual arts sector and the wider creative industries, events that connect with and drive forward our manifesto demands and events where the attendees will be able to build new networks and contacts whilst championing the visual arts.

Example upcoming events might include; Future Fest, Creative Industries Federation International Summit, SCAN & SAU conferences, Contemporary Art Society Programme Study Day: Decolonising the Collection. However, we are really keen for applicants to suggest others and in particular apply for support to help them attend new or different events that help them develop new networks and contacts.

The scheme will cover:

• Event ticket costs up to £300 (where applicable) plus up to £200 for travel costs.
• A stipend of £170 per day will be available (pro rata for shorter events)
• Additional funding for childcare and access support is also available if applicable.

Attendees will be expected to complete a short feedback form so that we can share the event learnings with our wider networks and further develop our ongoing campaigning and advocacy.

Your attendance at the event will be shared on social media posts by the Mandate team (SCAN/Engage). We may also share quotes and images from your feedback form.

Attendees will be provided with an advocacy briefing that details some of the current key issues affecting the visual arts sector.

Who can apply
All Scotland based visual art professionals including artists, curators, facilitators/educators and producers who are unable to draw on institutional support and who are not in full-time education. Applicants are responsible for their own tax and National Insurance contributions.

We encourage applications from people at all stages of their careers and from under-represented groups and communities.

How to apply
Please complete the attached application form and submit by email to by 12pm on or before the stated deadline.

There are four deadlines per year:
1 October 2018,
-7 January 2019 – For events after Monday 21 January 2019-
-1 April 2019 – For events after Monday 15 April 2019-
1 July 2019 – For events after Monday 15 July 2019

(12pm on all dates)

*We will consider an application out with the set deadlines in exceptional circumstances.

How will applications be assessed?
Representatives of SCAN and Engage Scotland will meet quarterly to check applications are eligible and meet the stated criteria.

In the event of us receiving more applications than we can fund priority will be given to applicants working in an independent or freelance capacity, applicants from underrepresented groups and those who have made a strong case for how their attendance at the event will help drive forward the Visual Arts Manifesto demands.

How will the funds be paid?
Our preferred method of payment is by BACS in two instalments. The first instalment will cover any advance costs and the second instalment will be paid after the event and submission of your report. We will send you a payment form to give us your BACS details.

International Events
We are unable to support international trips at this point. However, our ambition is to secure funds that will allow us to support international research and development opportunities as soon as we can.

To download the application form, click here.