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Project Update: Strike Penrhyn 2016

1 June 2016
Robyn Woolston

Penrhyn Castle and Arts Council Wales Artist in Residence – 2015 / 16

BRIEF: We seek an imaginative approach to some of the themes suggested by the site, and the following may provide a starting point:

Q: What are the accepted histories, and the hidden histories, of Penrhyn and its people, and how may these be reframed for a 21stC audience?

“We are on a journey here at Penrhyn, a journey to re discover the stories hidden within these walls and beyond, and to explore different ways of presenting these sometimes difficult and emotionally challenging stories to our visitors.”

“It’s no secret that Penrhyn Castle can sometimes divide local opinion because of its history. The project has already opened an important dialogue between the local community and the castle; exploring our shared stories and contrasting cultures from different perspectives. This is a relationship that needs to be nurtured so that everyone’s story is told.”

Nerys Jones, General Manager at Penrhyn Castle

‘Robyn has achieved an extraordinary amount of valuable research …and has tackled the grand narrative of the Penrhyn Great Strike with a strong creative force, at the same time handling quite sensitive personal stories with great sensitivity.’

Sara Roberts, Curator


Project Update: Strike Penrhyn 2016