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Test & Protect Stakeholder Toolkit

9 June 2020
Scottish Government

The Test and Protect Campaign, NHS Scotland’s approach to controlling the spread of coronavirus in our communities, was launched on Thursday 28th May. This campaign will run for six weeks, with activity on social media, TV and radio, press and outdoor digital posters.

The main focus of the campaign is to inform people about the Test and Protect process, and how this process will support people to get tested as soon as they develop symptoms. We are looking for your support to share this message within your networks and within your organisations, as we require our collective cooperation to control the spread of coronavirus within our communities. The First Minister has set out the Route Map for easing restrictions, and as we move through Phase 1 we are calling on everyone to become familiar with the Test and Protect service. You can also view the published guidance for employers for Test & Protect here.

We are also developing a Door Drop for every household in Scotland that will provide key information about the service and guidance on the support available for those that need to isolate, which will land in every Scottish home the week of 22nd June.

The Test and Protect Stakeholder Toolkit outlines:

· The Test and Protect service
· Infographic outlining the Test & Protect process
· Links to further information
· Key messages
· Campaign details
· Social Posts
· Editorial Copy


Test & Protect Stakeholder Toolkit