NEUK Collective on working with neurodivergent artists

On Tuesday 3rd of May, we held a SCAN Members Meet with Neuk Collective on working with neurodivergent artists. Neuk Collective is a group of neurodivergent artists founded in 2020, with the aim of supporting neurodivergent creatives in Scotland through advocacy, education, and community-building. In 2021 they published the Neuk Manifesto, a ten-point plan for a more inclusive art scene, along with a practical guide to supporting neurodivergent artists in the workplace.

Taking the form of an interactive workshop, presenters and Neuk Collective members Robyn Benson and Tzipporah Johston led a workshop looking at the issues facing neurodivergent* people in the arts and what organisations can do to help address these.

* ‘neurodivergent’ describes people whose brain processes information differently from the majority, for example because they are autistic, or have ADHD, dyspraxia, dyslexia, dyscalculia, FND, Tourette’s, bipolar, CPTSD, etc.

Neuk Collective have kindly let us share a link to the resources that they shared in the workshop which includes their manifesto, a report, and resources for both artists and organisations.