Where We Meet: a good practice resource

Equalities, Learning and development - 25 June 2024

Where We Meet is a good practice resource for arts organisations and artists with lived experience of displacement. This practical resource is a working document commissioned by Cross Borders, a Scottish Refugee Council project. It responds to the potential for artists, creative practitioners and arts organisations to co-create inclusive spaces for healing and belonging. SCAN is sharing this this resource as we believe it can be of use to members and the wider contemporary art community.

Where We Meet is based on years of work in arts and community development, of coming together, to strengthen creative networks, and to collectively voice and share advice and learning around managing and addressing barriers in arts and cultural industries. It includes key topics and issues: working with lived experience, advocacy and freedom of expression, developing trusting relationships, navigating language, learning from intersectional approaches and much more. The resource aims to demystify some of the skills, processes and ethical considerations that contribute to modes of good practice within a growing, complex area.

You can access the resource here: Where We Meet