Bridging the Pedagogical Gap Workshops

Closing date 10 May 2021

Join us for a series of free workshops exploring the way teaching artists can demonstrate the value of their work through linking it to pedagogy.
‘Bridging the Pedagogical Gap’, a pilot project exploring a way for artist educators to be better able to demonstrate the value of their work through pedagogy and learning theory. To demystify and open up the possibilities of learning theories and pedagogy.

In the words of the participating artists this project is about …

  • Allowing teaching artists time to reflect on their practice and find ways to engage with pedagogy.
  • Giving possibilities to bring research & practical elements together.
  • Opening conversations around the links that exist with practice & theory
  • Demystifying pedagogical theory and changing hierarchy of academia
  • Appreciating teaching methods and giving time to unpicking approaches to benefit learners & educators

Workshop 1 Friday the 14th of May 5 pm till 6 pm Heather Lucchesi
Your Words Matter – a fresh and practical look at the relevance of ‘Positive Teaching’ as a springboard for NOW.

Workshop 2 Friday the 21st of May 5 pm till 6 pm Sam Rutherford
Control of your creativity – finding links in democratic learning with pedagogy and practice.

Workshop 3 Friday the 28th of May 5 pm till 6 pm Louise Fraser
Just do it !!! Sharing the Process

We look forward to sharing and talking with you during the sessions.

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