Opportunity: Blairtummock Trail Commission

Closing date 26 May 2023

Blairtummock and Rogerfield Partnership are seeking an artist(s) to work with young people to explore the heritage and nature of their local surroundings and create a fun, informative and engaging activity trail. Although, the creative workshops will provide inspiration for the trail, the artist should be prepared to develop a unifying trail design and concept that link innovative activities to locations around the park. The activities will be presented digitally and accessed via QR codes.

We would expect the artist(s) to:

  • Develop, organise and lead 10 creative sessions for about 100 young people aged 8 – 12 to explore the park and provide inspiration for the activity pack and trail.
  • Develop an overall unifying concept and design for the activity pack and trail.
  • Develop eight fun activities exploring nature and heritage within the park and surrounds. Each activity will be linked to a specific location. The activities should be aimed at young people aged 8 – 12 yrs and designed to be carried out within the park with minimal or no bought materials.
  • Identify eight locations on the ground and design concomitant posts to mark the location of each activity

TO APPLY / FOR FULL JOB DESCRIPTION: https://www.platform-online.co.uk/latest/article/opportunity-blairtummock-trail-commission

Deadline for applications is Friday 26 May at 12pm. 

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