Local Government Elections – Cultural Pledges

We believe that culture should be celebrated and accessible in every community across Scotland. In the run up to the local government elections SCAN is calling for local authorities to support culture and heritage. You can read the Culture and Heritage Manifesto developed with our friends from across Scotland* here.

SCAN won’t be telling you how to vote on May 5th, but we have been working our way through the main Scottish Part manifestos, and share with you mentions of cultural pledges from Scotland’s parties using the links below:

Scottish Conservative councillors pledge to establish a grassroots events fund to incentivise the return of rebuilding local economies festivals and other cultural events, and provide start-up support for new ones. You can read this on pages 10-11 of their party manifesto.

The Scottish Green Party state in their Glasgow manifesto that the City’s cultural and sporting assets are important for our shared wellbeing and Glasgow City Council must protect and invest in the city’s existing cultural and sporting assets. Read more here.

In Edinburgh, the Greens state on page 34 of their party manifesto that culture, leisure and sports should be properly valued and their budgets should be protected.

On page 7 of their manifesto for Dumfries and Galloway, The Scottish Greens advocate for encouraging provision of practical, vocational and creative learning.

Scottish Labour pledge on page 13 of their manifesto to partner with local organisations and sports clubs so that every young person has opportunities to access arts, sporting and recreational activities.

The Scottish Lib Dems recognise that most leisure and culture activities are not statutory, meaning they are often among the first victims of financial cuts. They advocate that they are not luxuries but critical to quality of life at all ages on page 7 of their manifesto.

In their Edinburgh Manifesto, the SNP State on page 18 that they will continue to support funding for the development of artists from BAME and other underrepresented backgrounds.

In Dundee, the SNP pledge to further enhance The City’s reputation as a cultural centre by working with key partners to promote an improve the range of cultural activities within the city. They undertake to pursue development of Dundee’s cultural strategy. Read more on page 39.

We’ll continue to update this page as we find out more. In the meantime, don’t forget to vote on the 5th May. To do so, you must have registered to vote by Monday 18th April 2022.

* Our friends include Built Environment Forum Scotland, Creative Edinburgh, Go Industrial, Scottish Council on Archives, Creative Lives, Museums Association, Regional Screen Scotland, WSREC and Museums Galleries Scotland.