Salli Yule-Tsingas



Salli Yule-Tsingas

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MA Fine Art , The School of Art, Architecture and Design ( former CASS) , London

The objects are interconnected through an Ariadne’s thread, dead things excluded from commodity circulation, brought together in a flash, a temporary solution, a chance, a possible new life using a self-perpetuating yet low skilled sensorial aesthetic of intuitive and uncanny parings.

The work brings together a complex Baroque installation of newly formed Frankenstein’s. Reborn from discarded objects; packaging boxes for technology, science magazines, a flexible unused exhaust pipe for a car, old books, scraps of wood saved from the fireplace, some hair balls and children’s floating devices.

Humorous, yet childlike the structures, are a universe of constellations and remain in a constant state of flux bordering on the chaotic. The tape or string, is not meant to keep the objects linked together forever but to allow them, once again to return to a state of ruin and be re-made continuously. The notion of re-creation, of continuously making anew, reconfiguring the fragments, failure and success delicately held together in a transitory state.

The work is informed by Walter Benjamin’s relation to the Baroque as an “operative function” through the collecting of scattered fragments. Aiming to bring these objects together, discarded but loaded with social and historical significance, for people to engage with on many levels globally, locally or individually through a word, within, in, beside or on an image or an object.

As it invites us to re-see the world and ourselves in it, the work responds to these questions armed with playful temporary solutions by inviting, the uncanny and (dis) utopia.