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Travelling Gallery


Travelling Gallery is a contemporary art gallery in a bus, it is a national service with the exceptional ability to reach communities and people across Scotland. We recognise that art can change lives and we create fair conditions and remove barriers to allow access and engagement to audiences in their own familiar surroundings. The gallery space offers an open and welcoming environment for people of all ages, background, and abilities to discover and enjoy contemporary art.

“If art is for everyone then surely Travelling Gallery is the best example of that.”
Andrew Menzies, driver/guide

Travelling Gallery is a much loved and respected visual arts organisation. 2018 marked its 40th anniversary and we take pride in the fact that Scotland is committed to taking art into its communities. Over the past forty years Travelling Gallery has brought innovative exhibitions to every part of Scotland reaching hundreds of thousands of visitors and school pupils. Travelling Gallery is a ‘not for profit’ organisation, regularly funded by Creative Scotland and supported by the City of Edinburgh Council.




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