Artists Make a Better World Campaign Resources

- 15 June 2023

On this page you’ll find:

  • What the Artists Make a Better World campaign is all about 
  • How you can join in and how to ask others to take part 
  • A link to our campaign digital assets which are free to use 
  • Key messages and useful facts 
  • Information about hosting an MSP visit in August 
  • A draft letter to send to your MSP 

 What’s going on?  

Artists Make a Better World is SCAN’s summer campaign to encourage policymakers to support contemporary art and share with the public the contribution that artists across Scotland make to the country. 

It’s been a tough year for lots of people who work in the arts, but we have taken great comfort in the way that working together, and with the support of the public, people raised their voices and the Scottish government reversed proposed cuts to Creative Scotland. While we work behind the scenes on some of the thorny issues, such as funding for the arts in Scotland, we want to build public positivity to remind people of the reasons that culture matters and make sure the contribution and needs of artists are right at the heart of that discussion. 

Our 2023 hashtag #ABetterWorld aims to make people aware of the many ways that artists contribute to Scotland’s wellbeing. We’re highlighting the role that artists have in improving our everyday lives, and the impact that learning skills from artists and taking part in creative activities can have on health and happiness. We’ll also share examples of how artists can help strengthen communities and how artistic work can support a wider range of voices to be heard and appreciated in Scotland. 

We’ve created a badge and some digital assets, as well as some advice on messaging, to help our members spread the message. We are a member-led organisation, and we rely on your support to bring our advocacy projects to life. This year has proved how we couldn’t do it without you!   

We are inviting members across Scotland to share these messages on their digital channels over the summer, and to encourage friends, participants and audiences to show they are backing artists by using the hashtag on social media, sharing the campaign assets and taking photos or recording messages of support. 

We’ll be inviting MSPs to visit SCAN members in their studios, galleries, venues and production facilities at the end of August to find out about the great work you are doing. This year we have taken fresh advice from our political advisors on how to do this. The timing is intended to make a tightly focused impression on policymakers by targeting the visits in a concentrated period of a few days, keeping the role of artists and arts organisations fresh in policy makers minds as they get ready to return to the Scottish Parliament     

In September we’ll focus on making the argument for culture in the next Scottish Budget. We’ll be reminding MSPs of the recommendations from the Scottish Parliament’s Culture Committee report Putting Artists in the Picture, about how best to support artists, and how fair pay and sustainable funding for culture is essential, especially the recommendation that culture is 1% of Scotland’s spend across government. 

How to join in and ask others to take part

From 15 June you can:

  • Add the hashtag #ABetterWorld when you share artistic activity, events or news on social media
  • Share the Artists Make a Better world assets on your social media accounts 
  • Add the Artists Make a Better World digital badge to digital or print marketing materials 
  • Add the Artists Make a Better World digital badge and/or campaign link to your email signature  
  • Wear one of our Artists Make a Better World button badges IRL  
  • Invite friends, colleagues, participants and visitors to film a message of support 

In August you can:

Invite MSPs, MPs, local councillors or other influencers such as funders, partners and third sector organisations to meet with you, learn more about your work and show their support the campaign by recording a message, or sharing an image on social. 

Campaign Assets   

In this folder you can find assets including a digital badge you can add to marketing materials or your email signature, and graphics that you can use for social media and web content.  

Key Messaging   

This year, we want to focus on asking people to show support for the simple and positive message Artists Make a Better World. We know that all our members have strong views and individual voices, and that many of you are skilled marketing, communications and social media workers – so share the way that you know works best for you. 

Our other messages are ways to connect with the exhibitions, events, research, activities you are undertaking every day. We hope to draw out these themes across the summer. 

Artists make us healthier and happier 

Recent research has shown definitively that participating in artistic activity, making art, or just visiting a gallery or museum improves our health and wellbeing, with positive outcomes throughout the stages of our lives.  

Artists make artists out of everyone 

This message shares how artists pass on specialist skills, or encourage everyday creativity. You can use it in association with hands on workshops, classes and events as well as expert production and technical activities. 

Artists make communities stronger 

There are lots of examples of the way that artists are working as citizens, as activists in their own communities, as well as in supporting others to express pride in their achievements.

Artists make our everyday world  

All over Scotland, everyday things are more beautiful, more effective or more exciting because an artist has got their hands on them. Even when not making art, artists use their training to craft good stuff from imagination and determination, from a pop song to a streetscape to a pastry in your local coffee shop.  

Artists make space for different voices 

Artists tell their own stories, and raise up voices of other. Across the country, artists are challenging dominant narratives, revealing hidden histories and amplifying new perspectives. Artists can lead change, and art can change minds.  

Help to host an MSP visit

We are hoping to help as many members as possible host a visit with their local MSP. It’s easy to find out who your constituency MSP is and which MSPs represent your larger region. Just visit and type in your postcode in the “Find MSPs by postcode” box. 

If you are an arts organisation or artist looking to set up a visit from a local MSP, we have drafted a template letter that you can access here. 

We will contact you later in the summer to support you to make the invites and work with you to share stories, photos, and videos.  

If you are an arts organisation or artist looking to set up a visit from a local MSP, we have drafted a template letter that you can access here.


If you need help with any of this, don’t hesitate to contact our Membership Lead [email protected] or our Communications Lead [email protected] 

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